A large batch of anti-COVID-19 medicines was delivered to Almaty from Russia

July 10, 2020
ALMATY. The first flight with medicines from Russia landed at Almaty International Airport, reports referring to the official Internet resource of the city.

In total, 55 tons of medicines are arriving from Russia on two flights today, while the cargo includes about 3 million packages of more than 10 names of socially significant drugs, including antipyretics and other anti-COVID-19 products. The list includes azithromycin, ceftazidime, ibuprofen, fraxiparin, metronidazole, ceftriaxone, heparin, nimesulide, levofloxacin, meropenem powder, enoxaparin-binergia and other medicinal products.

Prompt delivery of medicines by special boards of the Civil Aviation Committee is one of the measures implemented by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan to urgently saturate the market with the most popular medicines. Such flights will be carried out on a regular basis to saturate the medicines market and constantly replenish pharmacy chains with the necessary drugs.

The Almaty Akimat and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan have taken all measures to assist in the prompt delivery, registration and sale of these medicines.

According to the Committee for Quality Control and Safety of Goods and Services of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the certification of medicines and drugs is carried out by declaration within three days.

"We have made a proposal to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan to simplify the procedures for certification of drugs, accelerated registration of new drugs and fast delivery. This proposal was supported by the State Commission for Economic Growth. In such a way, we have achieved simplification of procedures for certification of medicines and drug delivery. All these measures will make it possible to promptly supply and provide the city with medicines," reported Zangar Salimbayev, coordinator of the Almaty Akimat for providing the city with medicines.

Also in mid-July of this year, two shipments of medicines from India are expected to arrive.

Immediately upon delivery, the medicines are to be distributed among four large pharmaceutical companies for subsequent supply to pharmacies. These are the networks of "Medservice plus" KPhC LLP, "Chimpharm" JSC, "Nobel Almaty Pharmaceutical Factory" JSC, INKAR.

As noted by "Chimpharm" JSC, the cargo with the antiviral drug arrived in Kazakhstan, including thanks to the support of the state in urgent air delivery.

"The company has taken all necessary measures, and not only increased the volume of production of medicines at its enterprise, but also contacted its partners in Russia, the Akrikhin company, which produces antiviral drugs that are not produced at the Kazakh Chimpharm JSC. Thanks to this cooperation and the prompt support of the states in the organization of the air transport from Moscow to Kazakhstan, a flight with cargo containing a large batch of the "Oseltamivir" antiviral drug arrived today. This drug will be shipped to distribution companies immediately, and will be supplied to pharmacies of our country in the very next few days," Chimpharm JSC reported.

It should also be noted that in addition to cargo from the Russian Federation, about 4.2 million packages of socially significant medicines are expected to be delivered to Almaty by the end of July.

"Today we are expecting the arrival of two planes from Russia with the support of the government. Arrive the most necessary drugs. We satisfy the need for about 13 items of the most necessary medicines. These are azithromycin, ceftriaxone, ibuprofen and others. We are also expecting the supply from India. Only drugs for treatment of coronavirus infection arrive on planes," said Aliya Yerimbetova, General Director of INKAR LLP.

In turn, the NOBEL Almaty Pharmaceutical Factory JSC notes that the urgently delivered drugs are among the first necessities and are associated with a pandemic. These include broad-spectrum antibiotics. Imported drugs will be transferred to distributors for subsequent supply.