500 million tenge has been allocated for medicines in Almaty Oblast

"Kazakhstan Today" News Agency
Taldykorgan. July 16. Kazakhstan Today - By the order of Amandyk Batalov, the Almaty Oblast Akim, 500 million tenge was additionally allocated from the local budget in Almaty Oblast for the purchase of medicines, Kazakhstan Today reports.

It is planned to purchase antiviral drugs for another 50 million tenge, which will be provided free of charge to people from the risk group," the press service of the Akim of the Oblast reports.

According to Batyrzhan Bayzhumanov the Deputy Akim of Almaty Oblast, the risk group includes representatives of the older generation, chronic patients and other categories of citizens.

Kadyrbek Kuderin, Director of the Taldykorgan Branch of "Medservice Plus" KPhC LLP, noted that antiviral drugs, anticoagulants, in other words, blood-thinning drugs, as well as antibiotics are in great demand among the population now.

We receive goods once a week and at the request of pharmacies they are immediately delivered on the company's transport to the points of sale," he informed.

According to the information of the Akimat of the Oblast, there is personal protective equipment in the humanitarian aid warehouse: masks, respirators, medical gloves, protective suits that were delivered from China, Qatar and other countries. These personal protective equipment are distributed among medical institutions in the region as needed.

SK Pharmacy is a single supplier of medicines for polyclinics and hospitals. After unloading, all medicines will be promptly distributed to district and city polyclinics and hospitals," informed Deputy Akim of the Oblast Batyrzhan Baizhumanov after checking the warehouse of SK Pharmacy.

"Kazakhstan Today" News Agency