Massive vaccination in Almaty: Bakytzhan Sagintayev visited infrastructure facilities

04.04.2021 | 20:26
Almaty TV Channel
In three months, 750 thousand doses of vaccine are promised to be delivered to the city

On April 2, universal vaccination campaign against COVID-19 started in Almaty, the correspondent reports.

Anyone can get the vaccine for free. 56 vaccination centers have been opened in the city for this purpose.

The Akim Bakytzhan Sagintayev checked the readiness of infrastructure facilities for the reception and storage of anti-Covid drug.

First of all, the Head of the metropolis inspected the warehouse of the "Medservice Plus" company. To store the Sputnik V vaccine, special refrigerating chambers were purchased here, a three-level monitoring system is operating, there are 4 temperature and humidity sensors.

"All resources are sufficient. Our company has many years of experience of trained, qualified, competent specialists, who can operate this product and this vaccine is being shipped to the Public Health Department of Almaty every day," said Saida Yerdenbekova, Business Development Director of the Kazakh Pharmaceutical Company.

The vaccines are being delivered in two containers. Thermal boxes help to keep the temperature in case of operating failures.

As of today, more than 35 thousand doses of the Russian vaccine have already been shipped from the warehouse.

Then the city head visited polyclinic No. 36. Akim checked the progress of vaccination and talked with citizens who came today to get an antiviral vaccination.

According to the management of the medical institution, the number of volunteers wishing to undergo vaccination is growing daily.

"The preventative measures activity continues after getting the vaccine, we provide explanations to people. People began to undergo vaccinations readily. The consciousness of citizens is already quite high, they already understand the need for this vaccine. We expect that vaccination will continue in a massive way," said Gulzhainat Tilegen, a doctor at the city polyclinic No. 36.

More than 2 thousand people have already received the vaccine in this polyclinic alone. Pavel Benzler is among them. He received the first component of the vaccine. After the vaccination, you need to sit in the waiting room for half an hour.

"I came for a voluntary vaccination. I used to be skeptical about everything. I didn't believe in this virus process. But due to the fact being observed that everyone among my friends continues to get infected, I decided to protect myself. I think that it's better and necessary to get vaccinated. After all, your loved ones are next to you, and no one knows when this may be waylay you," the Almaty resident commented.

Anyone can get the vaccine, in any vaccination office, regardless of their place of residence. And in order to prevent mass gathering of people, doctors urge to make appointment for the procedure in advance.

Before the injection, the doctor will examine you, measure your temperature, pulse and blood pressure. After 21 days, the patient will be called to receive the second component of the drug. By the way, there is not much excitement in polyclinics yet.

"Everything is сlean, neat, well organized. I don't want to experience the disease. I want to be sure. The epidemic will not end quickly. We must somehow continue to live and work," commented Alexander Anikeyev, a resident of the city.

"I received a message from a nurse that free vaccination has been opened in our clinic. Therefore, we decided to take this opportunity. There were not very many people. The staff is very friendly. Everything is explained clearly. We are very pleased that we came," said Tatyana Anikeyeva.

In addition, the Akim of the city visited the vaccine warehouse at the city hospital No. 7, and also the vaccination center located in the Palace of the Republic.

All sanitary standards are observed here. No more than 10 people are allowed inside, the temperature is measured at the entrance and people are asked to treat their hands with antiseptic. After that, the citizens register and are given a special priority number. People are invited to vaccination one-by-one.

There are a lot of people who want to get vaccinated.

"I have been tracking information for quite a long time about time when the vaccine will become available. And finally, since this week, many of my friends and relatives have contacted me and informed me of opening of the vaccination centers. Finally, there is an opportunity to get this vaccine, and I actually took this chance. I came here voluntarily today. The first stage of vaccination has passed, I feel good," said Rinat Shaibakov, a resident of the city.

In just two days of vaccination, about 17 thousand Almaty residents have already been vaccinated. After getting the second component of the "Sputnik V" drug, it is possible to receive your vaccination passport in the Egov App, in the "Digital Documents" section.

Vaccination centers are also planned to be deployed in shopping centers. In the meantime, sanitation physicians are looking for suitable sites and assessing the risks.

In total, 750 thousand doses of vaccine are promised to be delivered to the city in three months. And the conditions for their reception and storage are fully organized.

Ramina Mirzalimova, Sagintay Munaytpasov, Rashid Shukuraliev, Almaty TV channel