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27 medicinal products were additionally added to the list of narcotic drugs in Kazakhstan

Representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Shugyla Turlybek reported on updating the list of narcotic substances. Now it includes 27 more names of narcotic drugs and precursors.

“The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed an act providing for amendments and additions to a number of subordinate regulatory legal acts on March 20. They included 27 additional names of narcotic drugs and precursors under state control. These lists currently include more than a thousand substances whose turnover is controlled by the state”, reported Shugyla Turlybek.

According to her, now the list includes 15 more names of narcotic drugs and psychotropic products, as well as 12 names of precursors – substances used for their manufacture.

“To combat “pharmacy” drug addiction, the list of psychotropic substances is supplemented with tramadol, a psychotropic analgesic that is used by drug addicts to obtain the effect of euphoria and contributes to the formation of drug addiction”, noted the speaker.

The weight of tramadol leading to criminal liability is determined as less than 0.1 grams – a small size, up to 10 grams – a large size, above 10 grams – an especially large size.

Now tramadol will be released only by prescription and only in those pharmacy and medical-preventive organizations that have licenses for activities related to the trafficking of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

Criminal liability for illegal trafficking of tramadol will occur in accordance with the applicable legislation. The Criminal Code regulates the illegal storage, production, sale, and smuggling of narcotic drugs.

“The legislation establishes responsibility for advertising and propaganda of narcotic drugs, illegal drug trafficking using information and communication systems, as well as involvement in their consumption. The Government decree is put into effect after ten calendar days after the day of its first official publication”, concluded Shugyla Turlybek.

Source: Kazakhstan Pharmaceutical Bulletin