Humanitarian aid is delivered to Petropavlovsk from China

July 20, 2020
The website of Petropavlovsk City
More than 47 thousand medical protective equipment was delivered to the warehouses of Petropavlovsk, as the correspondent reports.

The medical product was accepted by the branch of Medservice Plus LLP and sent for storage to the warehouses of SK Pharmacy in Petropavlovsk.

The People's Republic of China provided 3,700 medical protective glasses, 1,600 medical protective overalls, 8,200 surgical disposable gloves, 50 non-contact infrared thermometers, 5,400 No. 95 medical masks and 28,960 surgical masks.

Personal protective equipment will be distributed to hospitals in the region, depending on the need.

A humanitarian cargo with personal protective equipment arrived in Petropavlovsk a few days ago from Russia. In addition to protective suits and three-layer medical masks, they provided the "Coronavir" medicine in the amount of 230 packages. The entire cargo was delivered to the health department, and subsequently distributed to 27 medical institutions of the region.