Volumes of medicines released from the warehouse increased 7 times - pharmaceutical company from Almaty

July 16, 2020
Saida Yerdenbekova the Business Development Director of "Medservice plus" pharmaceutical company told about the operation of the pharmaceutical warehouse in an enhanced mode in connection with the coronavirus pandemic in Almaty, the correspondent of "Kazinform" International News Agency reports.

According to her, 80 warehouse employees are working hard to supply the necessary medicines to the pharmacies of the metropolis.

At the same time, according to S. Yerdenbekova, there has been an acute demand for vital medicines in the last two weeks. The volume of drugs shipped to pharmacies has increased almost seven times compared to the usual period. There are 12 thousand items of medicines in this warehouse. Every day the company accepts about seven trucks with medicinal cargo.

"We receive large cargos every day, about 5-7 trucks. These goods are processed in a warehouse, after which they are distributed among pharmacies in Almaty. Our company services about 700-800 pharmacies in the city," S. Yerdenbekova informed.

The warehouse of the Medservice Plus company was launched in 2016. Austrian conveyor belt lines, carton flow racks and other European-made equipment are used here.

"During the pandemic, people are working very hard. Sometimes they stay far into the night to deliver the products to pharmacy chains of the metropolis. We all understand the existing situation in the city, in the country, so the initiative comes from employees, and if necessary, we stay far into the night," S. Yerdenbekova shared.

According to her, the local authorities provide comprehensive assistance to the company, including prompt receipt of certificates of conformity, logistics and transportation.

"The Akimat also assists considerably, provides volunteers for unloading and distribution, vehicles for transportation. The activity of the customs authorities has improved. These days, the cargo with medical products coming from abroad is processed in an accelerated mode. All arising acute issues are solved online. It is very convenient. We know which pharmacies experience shortage of medicines, who needs help, what pressing issues can be resolved by the Akimat," S. Yerdenbekova noted.

The warehouse of the Medservice Plus company is also an operator in the distribution of medicines provided as part of humanitarian aid.

"Yesterday we received help from WHO healthcare. 8 trucks have arrived, we are now engaged in receiving and distributing them to the regions and Almaty city," S. Yerdenbekova noted.

All humanitarian aid is distributed between polyclinics and hospitals within the statutory free medical assistance. Distribution is carried out among 14 branches throughout Kazakhstan.