Halyk’s Support Has Become an Important Factor for the Successful Development of Medservice Plus

Medservice Plus Chairman of the Management Board, Zhanat Umarov shared the history of the development of the Company and Kazakhstan’s pharmaceutical industry.
— Zhanat Karimovich, what business is Medservice Plus in?

— Medservice Plus KPC is one of the leaders in the pharmaceutical market of Kazakhstan. For a quarter of century, we have come a long way. We started from simple and self-evident steps — opened our first warehouse and our first branches.

The pharmaceutical market is highly competitive. Therefore, our Company has been developing strategies to promote and expand the range of products in order to attract new customers and increase its presence.

The quality control is the paramount aspect of our operations. Pharmaceutical products must undergo all the requisite tests and inspections, which require close monitoring at every stage of production and supply. Therefore, Medservice Plus has introduced and is committed to adhere to the international pharmaceutical industry standards (Good Distribution Practice) in its operations, and hence, guarantees the quality and safety of all medicines supplied by the Company.
— Zhanat Karimovich, how is the Company developing now?

— Today Medservice Plus has a wide network of branches and representative offices throughout the country. We keep pace with the times by introducing new technologies and improving the quality of our services, which make us an important player in Kazakhstan’s pharmaceutical market.

The trusting relationships with our partners, in particular, with Halyk Bank, proved to be one of the factors that helped us become a successful company.

The financial institution’s support is still critical for the implementation of our strategic projects, which contribute to rising profits, improving competitiveness and strengthening positions in the pharmaceutical market.
— How did your cooperation with Halyk Bank begin?

— Medservice Plus was incorporated in December 1997. Then the transaction accounts of the Company and its branches were opened with Halyk Bank.

In April 2002, we asked the Bank to establish a lending limit to replenish our working capital, including to receive a loan and conduct trade finance transactions. Halyk Bank approved the 500 thousand dollars credit facility.

Since then, we have been working closely with the Bank. For the two decades, the volumes of financing allocated by Halyk Bank have been continuously increasing. This is dramatic proof of our long-term and mutually beneficial partnership.

Besides, we requested Halyk Bank to finance our investment projects. Thanks to this, we managed to accomplish a lot, including modernized our pharmaceutical warehouses, purchased state-of-the-art equipment and introduced innovative technologies. We have also successfully launched the domestic medicines production area and pharmaceutical laboratories.

We do like that the financing is always readily available from Halyk Bank. The new projects are considered differently, depending on completeness of information, review by the Bank and other reasons, but on the whole, the process takes little time.
— The world is still recovering from the pandemic. How did Halyk Bank help during those tough times for everyone?

— During the pandemic, the Company’s top priority objective was to ensure the uninterrupted supply of medicines. So, we had to work on a 24/7 basis. Despite the movement restrictions, our employees came to work according special permits in order to ensure the timely acceptance and delivery of medicines to the health care facilities, drugstores and other institutions.

Due to the impaired supply chains and the lack of certain groups of medicines because of the pandemic, it was critically important to make immediate payments to pharmaceutical manufacturers in order to ensure the timely delivery of their products to Kazakhstan.

In those challenging circumstances, Halyk Bank offered valuable support and was performing professionally.
— Zhanat Karimovich, please share your Company’s plans for the near future.

— Medservice Plus has been actively developing its digital focus area by introducing the online platforms to simplify the pharmaceuticals ordering and supply processes. This allows the Company to ensure the high quality of customer services and meet their demand for an easy and quick access to the medicines.

In the long run, Medservice Plus will continue to invest in state-of-art technologies and equipment to produce the new pharmaceutical forms and ensure a high level of quality control at every stage of production and supply of the products.
— As you may know, this year Halyk Bank will celebrate its 100 years anniversary. On this occasion, the Bank launched the “100 Good Deeds” project. What can you say about this initiative?

— The “100 Good Deeds” project of Halyk Bank is an example of its high social responsibility.

As a pharmaceutical company, we do know how significant it is to show concern for Kazakhstanis’ health and well-being. That is why we respectfully watch Halyk Bank using its strong stand in the market to implement projects that are socially important to the country.

We are sure that the “100 Good Deeds” project will help make our country better and hope that increasingly more companies and organizations will follow the lead of Halyk Bank and take care of their customers and society as a whole.
— Zhanat Karimovich, what would you like to wish to Halyk Bank on the occasion of its 100th anniversary?

— The development and achievements of Medservice Plus are largely predetermined by the long-term financial partnership with Halyk Bank. For the 20 years, we managed to establish and preserve trusting relationships based on mutual understanding, integrity and professionalism.

We wish all managers and employees of the Bank successful and prosperous business projects, as well as stability and growth in the financial market!