45 million packages of medicines were received by the Almaty Stabilization Fund

December 29, 2020, 13:25
Total Kazakhstan News Agency
The Almaty Akim inspected the warehouses of pharmaceutical companies.

During the working detour the Almaty Akim Bakytzhan Sagintayev visited the warehouses of pharmaceutical companies involved in the formation of a medicine Stabilization Fund for pharmacies of the metropolis, reports.

"During the working detour, I was made aware of the situation with medical products in warehouses purchased for the Stabilization Fund to sale in the pharmacy chains of the city. Medservice Plus has delivered 6 million packages of paracetamol and aspirin this year. The minimum balance is 1.2 million packages," the Almaty Akim posted.

According to him, within the framework of assumed commitments, Biola Pharmaceutical Company has delivered 27 million items of medical products to Almaty — syringes, infusion sets, electronic and mercury thermometers. The minimum balance is 5.4 million units of medical devices.

The warehouses of the Inkar company contain 7.7 million medicines of 62 types, including 1.4 million packages of a minimum stock of antibiotics (Azithromycin, Sumamed, etc.), antipyretics (Ibuprofen, Ibufen, etc.), anticoagulants (Cardiomagnil, Fraxiparin, etc.), antivirals ("Favipiravir", "Anaferon", "Ingavirin", etc.).

"In general, since July, 45 million medicines of 64 types and four types of medical devices have been supplied to the Stabilization Fund, which is 12% more than the planned volume. The total minimum stock is 8 million items. Medicines are released to the pharmacy chain throughout the city. This will prevent a shortage of medicines during peak periods of rising morbidity," the Almaty Akim noted.

Total Kazakhstan News Agency